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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 6, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> guess we are done. >> guess so. >> go away. >>pab, bill schulz, that's me, greg gutfeld. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> obama doesn't have the latitude that white guys who speak with bigger dos. >> bill: it's incredible but some far left commentators are saying president obama lost the debate because is he black. we have a special report. >> there has been plenty of people have pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. >> bill: the democratic party itself calling mitt romney a liar. will that help president obama's cause? we'll take a hard look at that question. >> you are preparing to the rumble with colbert and a chicken. >> i wanted to work on speed and chased a chicken around the studio. >> get him, get him, get him. >> you are so going down
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saturday night. >> now you have angered me. >> bill: another big debate looms tomorrow, the rummible between stewart and o'reilly. gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts. >> i'm going to say a bunch of stuff and then you are just going to go. [growling] >> bill: also tonight the first poll since the big debate and they are fascinating. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ bill built hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the democrats striking back. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. upfront we have some brand new polling by rasmussen, the first taken since the big debate. in the must-win state of florida. governor romney now leads 49, 47, however that's a dead heat when the factor in the march i didn't know of error. in the vital state of ohio mitt romney has surged 49% to
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mr. romney's 50. a virtual dead heat there as well. a few days ago had the president up big in ohio. in crucial virginia romney leads 49, 48, another tie in the margin of error. with the country still talking about mitt romney's victory the democratic party has decided to go into full attack mode. the strategy seems to be very simple. call mitt romney a liar. >> plenty of people have pointed out what a liar mitt romney is and was last night. i mean if he was talking -- if he was speaking last night, he was lying. >> look, mitt romney had a good night but, you know, even, you know, a blind squirrel gets a nut every now and then. one good night is not going to erase a year of mitt romney's extreme positions. >> bill: that was pretty vicious, was it not? does the dnc really believe that kind of rhetoric will help the president? does it believe independent voters respond positively to that? i don't think they will. in the realm of politics often
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misleading statements. "time" magazine story this week runs down statements by both campaigns that are either false or outright propaganda. so for the democrats to call mitt romney a liar is foolish and destructive to their guy, president obama, because the obama campaign has made just as many false and misleading statements as the romney campaign has. beyond that, there is the usual hysteria from ranked idealogues. racial hustler michael eric dyson has injected color into the debate. explaining why president obama could not speak candidly. >> lest we forget this and pretend that doesn't make a difference the specter hanging over his neck that i can't come off as too vigorous because then it looks like i'm an angry black man and because of the angry black man phenomena barack obama engaged man -- here is the reality, obama doesn't have the latitude that white guys who
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speak with vigor do. >> bill: here's the reality, mr. dyson, you simply cannot analyze anything, anything without injecting race, that's the reality. now, fair-minded americans know vicious garbage when they see and hear it there is hatred vitriol directed at president obama as well. we all know that democratic party, not talk show or cable host the party to brand governor romney a liar and think that will get votes for president obama is a big mistake. both president obama and governor romney should warn their campaigns to stop the slander. there are enough legitimate issues to be debated. the truth is the president could not defend his economic record on wednesday night. and that's why governor romney won the debate. lying had nothing to do with it that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from boston, democratic consultant marianne marsh and from washington kirsten powers.
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surprised the democratic party is getting so hysterical, kristen, are you. >> i wouldn't call it hysterical but i'm shocked to say that i agree with your talking points for once. i think that it is not right for the democratic party to go out calling him a liar. it's one thick for a talk show host to say things like that. but when a campaign or an official party apparatus starts using the word liar, i think a lot of people are going to feel that they're being kind of nasty. >> bill: also, sore losers,rian. it just comes across at petulant, fifth grade stuff. i lost, i got my butt kicked so now i'm going to call the other side names. that's absolutely what this comes off as. >> the better thing would have been to correct the statements wednesday night during the debate. that would have been the better course. but now, october, with 32 days left to go in the election is when you call your opponent's truthfulness into question. the problem is there are 32 days left to go. once you use l word, liar,
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there aren't a lot of places left to go between now and november 6th. >> bill: again, you are really competing for very very few votes. most people have made up their minds. although the swing, kirsten in ohio, in florida and virginia pretty dramatic. if the other polls back up rasmussen and again we site rasmussen because they are the most accurate last time around and the time before that. that was an instant wing. i'm not going to say that will hold because there are a lot of things that could happen however, it shows a lot of people are paying attention right now. >> a lot of people are at paying attention. a lot of people watching the debate than in '08. >> 80 million people saw that debate. that doesn't count on the internet and other things like c-span. >> yeah. so people are very engaged. and they were watching that and clearly romney dominated in that debate. the president did very badly. i wouldn't be surprised to see
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some sort of change in the polls. but i think you hit on the most important thing, which is does this last? it will probably last until the next debate. >> numbers get to with lou dobbs going to help president obama. >> bill: what about the race deal? cookie stuff, we know where it comes from and who is generating it. we don't take it seriously. it is so far out there. these people, i guess they believe what they say marianne, it's offensive to everybody else, is it not? >> look, style does matter. make no mistake about it. what voters are looking for from the president the other night was someone who is going to fight back. >> bill: are you dodging my question about race, marianne? are you dodging it now? >> no. not at all. >> the guy said obama couldn't talk frankly because is he black, marianne, and you say, what? i say that's not true. >> fight back that's not true. powers, what do you say? >> it's insane.
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that's not true and insane. why do these people do it? i mean, if this injecting race into this. >> they are trying to make excuses for a very bad performance. >> the air was too thin al gore and he couldn't talk because is he black. >> desperation, really it is. >> bill: desperation too kind a word. insane. that was accurate. >> bad night. >> i want to talk to you moment about this senate race in massachusetts with brown and warren, you you are not involved in this are you, marianne, are you working for warren? >> i am not, members of my firm are, however. >> bill: the polls say it's about even, right? >> that's right. very close race. in a state where barack obama is expected to win by at least
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20 points here at least 12% of reporters want to send a democrat for a second term. she has every advantage right now. the problem is she has got to close a deal. this is a state doesn't elect women, never have. that's a big challenge for her. the opportunity right now is scott brown has hurt himself in the first two debates by debating style and continuing to call her native american heritage into question. >> bill: why is that hurting him. everybody knows it was a ruse by dr. warren to use that why would that hurt brown? she used that to try to advance her economic career. i think that's a fairly significant issue. >> she claims she is and she claims she did not. i think if you go back and look at the claims. >> bill: even the cherokee indians say she is not. even the cherokees say she is not. >> that would be like the irish saying o'reilly is not irish. is he lithuanian. we can prove it. >> here is the difference, bill.
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scott brown stood next to her in a debate and repeatedly went all night long for one hour and said look at her she is not a native american. look at her. that cost him 5 points there back it up is what he needed to do. >> back it up? all right ladies, next on the run down. good news for president obama. the unemployment rate dropping. lou dobbs on that. the rumble in d.c. tomorrow. stewart and i will go at it. gut field and mcguirk going to analyze up ahead.
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>> bill: good news for president obama. the unemployment rate has dropped to 7.8%. 117,000 jobs added in september. many say that's a sign the economy has turned around with us now is lou dobbs.
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you say. >> it's not a sign that things are turning around. it's good news for president obama. 7.8%. getting into the 7s is very important for him. so that's very good news for him. unfortunately, it does really describe the state of unemployment and real pain in country. 23 million americans have remained unemployed or given up hope of being employed. >> i heard people like barack obama say the numbers were cooked, were fixed. former ceo of g.e. >> jack welch. >> jack welch say they were fixed or something? >> he said definitely those guys from chicago they can't debate so they're cooking the books. >> bill: do you take that seriously? >> no. i do not take it seriously. i have to say jack welch gave us a good laugh because he he was serious. >> bill: welch believes these are bogus numbers? >> that's what he said. it's the kind of nonsense
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what's really book here. 50,000 they survey the establishment survey it's called services and government is about 150,000 there is a lot of volatility. people going around saying this hasn't happened in 30 years. >> bill: in your opinion though, there are more jobs being added pushed from full time into part time. they are younger, less educated. unskilled. lower paying. >> if you are working part time you come off the unemployment rolls, that goes into the unemployment rate. that's a legitimate thing to talk about this is important.
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14.7% unemployment when you include the marginally attached to the workforce. that is precisely the same number as the previous month. >> 14.7 when you say the people who don't have full-time jobs. >> >> don't have full-time jobs who have given up looking. >> do you know what i think is even more important than that? that income, household median income is now $5,000 since the president has been in office. because whether you have rising gas prices, rising health insurance prices, rising almost everything prices, all right, and then your income is going down because there aren't a lot of jobs and employers can say take it or leave it you don't like it, i can replace you easily, that's really the end carat. that's why i think the president is going to have some trouble. >> i think you are exactly right. another number of people have not paid attention to because this president when he talks about all that he inherited under george w. bush, the final five here as we saw that household income actually rise by 5,000. so it's quite a contrast. >> bill: remember though, bush presided over the economy that collapsed. he wasn't watching the federal
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government was not watching the gang centers on wall street trading all of these derivatives and they should have been. all right, now, here are the top don't anothers to each campaign, i'm going to it read them off real fast and dobbs can comment. this is from open good web site. open president obama's re-election campaign, university of california, biggest donor microsoft, google, harvard. i'm outraged. all right? u.s. government. nau i don't know how that works. d.b. piper. sydney austin. i have no idea who that is. anything surprise you on that list. >> the surprise here is going back to 2008. >> and 2004, in looking at the number of banks that he has lost. he has lost wall street. >> bill: banks are giving to romney. harvard pinheads and university of california. sydney austin a law firm they are ponying up for him. goldman sachs, bank of
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america, jp morgan. morgan stanley just as you said all the banks. credit swiss. citigroup. wells fargo, kirkland and elvis that's a law firm. the banks have gone for romney why? >> they have gone because primarily dodd frank. if they listened to governor romney in that debate talking about too big to fail and dodd frank. he is going to get rid of too big to fail. they are thinking right now can i stop that check before it clears. >> bill: what's too big to fail again. >> too big to fail is a bank like jp morgan chase. >> bill: the government guarantees you are not going out of asset. >> 1.2 and not going out of business no matter how big you get. >> bill: he took money. >> just like barack obama did four years ago. >> bill: lou dobbs, everybody. and that's the fairest assessment that you will get anywhere in the media right here on the factor. directly ahead, vicious attack on a california couple who put out a romney sign on their front lawn.
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harold with details. he has talked to the couple. body language takes a look at the debate this week. that should be interesting. those reports after these messages. ooho
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romney once again using a working person. apparently the garbage collector for the romney household in san diego not a big fan of the governor's. >> my name is richard hayes. and i pick up mitt romney's trash. invisible people. you know, he doesn't realize, you know, 16 tons by hand. that takes a toll on your body. when i'm 55, 60 years old i know my body is going to be broke down and romney doesn't care about that.
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>> bill: a nasty situation involving a romney campaign sign also in california. here now fox news anchor geraldo rivera. so richard is mad at romney, why? >> well, richard hayes is a really, the sanitation worker. is he really the garbage collector at romney's la jolla mansion. also a member of as me the american federation of county and state employees. wevehement opponents of mitt romney's candidacy. they represent all the municipal workers. the people whose pensions are bankrupting cities and have been, you know, in the crosshairs of mitt romney and the republicans for this entire election cycle. so they come up with this idea in the wake of the 47% hidden video where romney said, you know, half the people in this country don't tax. they are not going to vote for me no matter what. what they are trying to do democrats and very aggressive militant group of public employees are trying to do is really portray romney as a man out of touch. he lives in a mansion with an elevator for his car.
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and the poor garbage man is outside. >> bill: romney never did anything with the guy. >> really low blow like the ad of romney killing the guy's wife with cancer. >> bill: romney probably doesn't even know who the guy is because romney is not in la jolla very often. >> i would venture to say most people in new york don't know who their sanitation worker is. >> bill: here is the sneaky thing. lee saunders is an at-large member of the democratic national committee. >> right. >> come on. i mean, this is so bogus and i guess they are appealing to just ignorant voters. >> it's an effective ad. they have gotten 1.4 million hits on youtube. 1.6 members of as me. >> probably all of them. >> the union members. but i agree, a low blow. >> now thereson s. an elderly couple in california. >> this is more serious. >> bill: you think so. >> i think it's more serious.
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>> bill: let me set it up then. elderly couple in california. they put a sign out on their lawn. they support romney. millions and millions of people do this across the country. all right. what happened to them? >> the sign actually is pray for obama psalm 109:8. when you look up psalm 109:8. it says let his days be few and let another take his office. so it's a very clever biblical reference. born again christians. also members of the tea party. and people in the neighborhood. >> bill: what neighborhood is that. >> it's waneka, california. woodland hills, the more prosper russ, in san fernando valley. you remember grand reason to torino. half hispanic, half white. the couple gene and dework out of their home.
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they are private business owners. they really are hard-working, deep in their 70s but very feisty. as i said tea party members and they put the sign up. the sign was first vandalized with someone wield ago machete chopped to shreds. much more seriously when de, the feisty lady of the house went out to see the damage done, she saw a gerber's baby bottle, remember those from the day with a fuse in it filled with a liquid with a fuse in it looking very much like a molotov cocktail. >> bill: so she called the cops. >> she looked it up. threw it down. called the cops. the bomb squad as you can imagine in l.a. was snofd. they promptly are the responded. the bomb squad, the fire department, the cops. everyone suggesting this is very serious. just as importantly she has had people when she was putting her sign up come walking by, one of them wearing a hoodiy, muttering, you're dead. they feel very elm battled. on the other hand, they are also tremendously heartened by
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all the people that come by and say we support you. we democrats support you no matter what. >> spent, you know, part of the afternoon chatting with them. they are very nice people. very reasonable people. >> bill: are they afraid. >> they are definitely afraid. on the other hand, they are fearful because of the obvious threats involved. the molotov cocktail. the unmistakable message of someone muttering you are dead. on the other hand they're heartened -- >> bill: personal protection is the sign still up? >> they have put the sign back up. they have put it back. >> the l.a.p.d. is all over this. we spoke also to the l.a.p.d. the investigation is open. bomb squad is investigating and analyzing the dedevice which is a fake because that was involved, can i asharier you knowing chief beck and the l.a.p.d. are going to get to the bottom of this. >> bill: this is a shush bush. this isn't an inner city situation where there is a lot of violent crime. this is just regular folks. >> regular folks, middle class
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housing. they work out off the house. good people. they really very frightened. >> bill: should never happen. >> you can't mess with people's personal property. >> bill: geraldo, everybody, thank you. by the way geraldo's son was supposed to come on and debate me about barack obama and tell the folks. he said he didn't want to be the stooge for o'reilly. he didn't want to come on. >> bill: in other words. [ laughter ] >> i'm not going to say it. is he a nice kid not ready for prime time. >> not ready for o'reilly anyway. >> debate on wednesday night. president obama's last of eye contact and a rambling demeanor. big rumble in washington tomorrow night. i'll go up against jon stewart. gutfeld and mcguirk have some advice for me. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> bill: body language segment tonight. everybody is talking about president obama's body demeanor this week. what does tanya reiman think. i want to start with the two candidates walking into the debate forum. >> all righty. >> we welcome president obama and governor romney. [cheers and applause] >> bill: okay. so the first thing i noticed was the president grabbing romney's arm. >> right. and talking his wallet. no, he didn't really. but he, you know, getting a little -- kind of semi hug. >> that's not the first thing i notice. the first thing i notice was the swagger that the president came out with. >> bill: he was bopping. >> his arms are swinging high. romney is not. he is very stiff when it comes to walking out an stage. then the hands meet. the patting goes on. the most interesting thing
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about that is as someone is trying to pat your arm demonstrating is he powerful. president obama comes across as powerful because is he patting. romney had the same amount of power going on. >> bill: do you believe that they actually think about what's going to happen when they walk out and how they are going to shake hands and their posture. do you believe they think about that. >> i think they know about it, yes. absolutely. >> bill: what do you mean know about it? >> they are told what to do. walk out and make sure this is how you proceed. one of the interesting dynamics was, president obama leads the way. romney tends to turn to like break off but obama doesn't let go. he holds on for a beat longer. >> bill: is he in the power position. he is the president. >> he breaks first. he wasn't the president in 2008 when he did the same exact thing to john mccain. he tries to take control. >> bill: he has aggressive body language when it comes to physical confrontation. >> i would say dominant body language. >> bill: we will use two sound bites the first one mitt
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romney saying what he would cut. gompleghts is the program so critical it's worth borrowing money from china to pay for it? if not, i will get rid of it. obama care son my list, i apologize, mr. president. i use that term with all respect. >> i like it. >> okay, good. so i will get rid of that i'm sorry, jim, i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i'm going to stop other things to pbs i like big bird and i like you too. i'm not going to stop borrowing money from china to pay for it. >> i thought lehrer was big bird. first let's go with the president looking down while romney is speaking. >> i'm comparing this to 2008. this wasn't a good thing. typically when he looks down he is trying show his disagreement. i don't agree what you are saying. tight jaw, clinched lip. there is also a level of intimidation i think in parts of the clip where he doesn't feel good about what's going on with romney. he feels insecure with romney. >> bill: shouldn't he be looking at romney isn't that much better body language.
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>> much better. more powerful to look at him. >> bill: looking away showing weakness. >> you don't deserve my eye contact therefore i'm not going to give it to you. >> bill: condescending. >> right and that's not what you need to be doing here. >> bill: comes across to the viewer because they are watching split screen. presentation to governor romney. >> use very powerful gestures, he used the palms down and fist not the power point. very good. only two things i noticed is when he said obama care and in addition i have to get rid of big bird, he tucked down. he closed off his chin. >> bill: what does that mean. >> it tells me although he is powerful and dominant he recognizes not afraid but recognizes that he is hitting on two points face to face with the president insulting him slightly and face to face with jim lehrer. >> shoots back. >> didn't take away from his powerful none the less. came across as strong. >> bill: final sound bite here is president obama going after the governor. >> he now says he is going to replace obama care and assure
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all the good things that are in it where going to be in there and you don't have to worry. and at some point i think the american people have to ask themselves is the reason that governor romney is keeping all these plans to replace secret because they are too good? >> bill: you see, romney looking right at him the whole time with, you know a neutral expression on his face. >> bill: neutral? >> a little disdain. it's not like. >> he has to get rid of that smirk. they both need to improve neutral expression. >> bill: no smirking. >> people think of it as arrogant when he smirks like that. it's not a good expression to hold. >> bill: i agree. >> concern. i'm listening to you, not the huh, that silly smirk that he does. >> bill: i need your advice. tomorrow when i go out on stage to meet jon stewart. >> yeah. >> bill: my instinct is to get him in a hammer lock right away. physically pummel him so i he would be off his game for the
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rest of the debate. would that be good body language. >> that won't work out well. you may be seen as aggressive. >> bill: people already know i'm aggressive. stewart thinks i'm yeddi anyway. no hammer lock? >> i would stay with him. >> bill: just be nice. >> gentle. the perfect man you always are. >> bill: yeah. when we get right back. the rumble in d.c. between stewart and me. how will it stack up against the debate between obama and romney? gutfeld and mcguirk have some thoughts on both situations. the boys are next.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the what the heck just happened segment tonight? the whole country waiting to hear what greg gutfeld and bernard mcguirk thought of the presidential debate this week.
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we wanted to do something a little bit different. we asked the guys to select the strongest points that candidates made. gutfeld was assigned governor romney and mcguirk president obama. >> i should have watched the debate. rerun of dawson's creek so i missed the next thing. obama let mitt win so people could stop talking about that 2007 speech it was genius. joke. how could this be a surprise? you have a successful businessman who wipes the floor with a grad student. you have guy who knows jobs and a guy who knows jay-z. a guy who had a career. a guy who had a canine. there is no comparison and the most important thing is, this is what nobody is talking about. mitt had to win big. he couldn't just win. if he had just won, the press wouldn't would have given it to obama. he had to disseminate obama in order to just to get a victory. >> bill: how did he do it gutfeld. >> eye contact. eye contact. >> bill: just eye contact? it'saser stare?
1:42 am
>> yes. it seemed that mitt was extremely open and confident about himself strictly through eye contact. he he knew his facts as a businessman he was prepared. and he is probably going to pitch this like this over and over again. >> bill: what about his presentation though signaled to you, greg gutfeld and that he he had scored and scored big? >> the very first -- oh, the very first question that he answered and the line when he said i have been in business for 25 years and i don't know what you are talking about. >> bill: oh, that was a good one. >> that was it. it was over. that crystallizes the ceo vs. the occupy wall street protester. >> the strong points of the italian army in world war ii. they had -- you know, if you get passed some of the hatred on the right and some of the abject panic the bed wetters on the left, would you want to be in a fox hole with these
1:43 am
people. the guy one bad night and they are all jumping ship. if you get passed that some of the strong points where he didn't look at his watch and onand start crying in the face of these withering attacks. didn't do a shot out to reverend wright and shout out to pops and didn't ask for bathroom breaks. he did manage successfully to pander to married women by exploiting his anniversary. >> bill: but that was nice though. don't you want to give your wife of 20 years a nice little shoutout? it's the anniversary. >> that's what i'm saying. >> bill: mcguirk, you said he pandered. >> it was calculated. >> you spun it negative. >> absolutely right. >> calculated like merry christmas is calculated because it's christmas. >> i would say, this you are getting ready for the fight of your life. getting ready to get in the ring with mike tyson. >> you don't think of the little lady then even if it's her birthday. >> absolutely not.
1:44 am
>> get out of my way, i'm coming. >> in identify the tiger. this is it. big fight. >> i didn't see the eye of the tiger on either man. i will tell you why. mitt romney won and we said that last night. we established it yard. but -- beyond a reasonable doubt. romney could have really gone n the last -- he had the last word. all right in the last word is big and he won the coin flip and not too many people know this but when lehrer flipped the coin he sprained his wrist, all right? he tough it out. it played with the pain throughout the whole thing. now, what romney should have done was after all of this he should have looked at the camera and said you know what? i'm glad we're here tonight because this is the most important exposition that i have seen. you saw two people here. one who wants free market capitalism and the other who wants communism or whatever you want to label it. all right? say this is really really vital and just gone right in because he had him but he didn't knock him to the canvas. you say? >> mitt knew that he had
1:45 am
creamed him and was actually being charitable, i think. >> bill: at the end he didn't want? that's not really how you knock him out. >> who chose to go first? did obama choose to go first? that was a mistake. >> bill: they flipped a coin as lehrer explained. >> i was drifting off there while you were talking. >> bill: they did actually flip a coin. that wasn't a joke. >> romney brought the mma. >> the mma being. >> the mixed martial arts. the steel caged death match and obama brought the lpga and unfortunately we could have had to throw it it admah nil la. >> ladies professional golf association. >> could have had a great fight. >> bill: steel match when obama could have crushed the larynx he didn't and he pulled back. >> to his credit. >> to his credit? >> there are two more debates. >> bill: yeah, so? >> so. >> bill: mitt has got to be consistent. >> if i have that advantage with stewart i may go in.
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>> it was his an investor sear, bill. >> i need advice from you guys. how pathetic is this asking gutfeld for advice on the big rumble on saturday night. we'll have that in a moment and the factor will be back right after these announcements.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight, we continue with what the heck just happened. here once again gutfeld and mcguirk. so there i was last night with a preview of the big rumble in washington between me and jon stewart. >> do you see me as mitt romney? is that how you are gonna frame this now. >> no. i see you as like a workers' --a from star wars.
1:50 am
abombal snowman. all i have to do is get out of your peripheral vision and i should be fine. >> you are going to bob and we've. >> i assume the debate is going to go like this. i will say a bunch of stuff and you will go. [growling] >> o'reilly angry. >> bill: so you can see how articulate this is going to be. all right. now mcguirk your advice to me is? >> well, listen, bill, you are going on to jon stewart's turf. >> bill: that's the college. >> you have to come out with just a little differently. you have to come out on a skateboard, perhaps, wearing a hoody, flashing the peace sign and the first thing you say is what up, players? have him in your back pocket. >> i was going to give out birth control devices to everybody in the crowd free. it's not georgetown but george washington still it's close. >> tomorrow night could be a good night for you to come out of closet because they would eat that up. >> that's right. they love that. >> i could be day for a night.
1:51 am
>> have them in your back pocket. >> instead of saying to the crowd to say i'm happy to be there i could say i'm gay tonight. >> you could win a lot of unusual fans. you need to wear a better tie not something you took from a men's warehouseman can. -- warehouse man can. >> i have been waiting all week. >> you should rough him up. pretend. >> rough him up? >> pretend he is me. every time i'm here you get riled up. just squint a little. i think we're about the same height. i might be a little taller, i'm not sure. >> got the hair poofed. >> that's a trick. that's not his real hair, is it. >> is he a vein guy. heavily scripted. you need a couple of zings yourself like when he falters you pull out that phone book sitting on and call somebody for help or your material is getting about as thin as your hair. >> i can't do the hair thing.
1:52 am
>> you can't you are o'reilly he is jon stewart. that will hurt. >> now, gutfeld, you say i should channel you. i should actually think that i'm not talking to stewart. i'm talking to you during the debate? >> yes. because then you become incredibly vicious. my family hates you now. my mother wants me to boycott this show. >> >> bill: i want to explain why because last week i made fun of gutfeld's tie which looked like a choral snake. and he said that his wife picked it out and i, like a wise guy and said where, at goodwill and that alienated the whole gutfeld plan. >> it did. at least i don't look like i'm going to sell time shares at the poconos. >> bill: all week now he has been doing. this i have got 20 of them. >> now, should i be serious tomorrow night with my points? because we are going to talk about serious things, all right? >> ask him is he a socialist? didn't he state that to you once? >> i don't know whether he said he was a socialist or
1:53 am
that he liked social -- >> -- he likes the idea. he lives in greenwich village. i don't think you are allowed to live there unless you are a socialist. they have co-opt boards in greenwich village so when you get an apartment you have to be okayed and you can't unless you like -- i think that's the linkage i could make. >> that's right. i would go after him. he piled on president obama last night. he really did. i mean, everybody they just are all over the place. just on substance. and they engage in some vulgar stuff. >> bill: i want to elevate this thing. >> why? >> bill: i think the general point is are you turning on your guy? are you turning on him now? >> yes. >> bill: because we have heard -- >> -- sense of humor. >> with humor? gutfeld last word on this. >> this may be the first time anybody in the audience actually sees a real life conservative that hasn't been written in an hbo mini series so they might be shocked. >> bill: when i appear then you are saying the culture shock? >> it might be too much for
1:54 am
them. there might be some fainting. >> you don't think the free birth control devices is going. >> i will be there to provide mouth to mouth for anybody. >> want to get another shot on the tie? we got about 30 seconds. >> that will look good with a hoody. >> there you go. and if you want to see that big rumble tomorrow night. please go to the rumble less than 5 pucks. you can't see it anywhere else. if you sign up you can watch it anywhere you want. also, please know that half the profits go to charity. even if you don't want to see it, it's a good thing, you know, let us have some money and we will give it to wounded warriors and charities like that. factor tip of the day. it's something secret about jon stewart. the tip 60 seconds away. >
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>> factor tip of the day in just a moment. but if you become a premium member, you get "killing lincoln," or "killing kennedy," absolutely free. you make the call. if you buy "killing kennedy," you get the thriller, "darkness rising," free of charge. this is a good time to stock up on book, including signed books. now to the mail... >> he might have a little trouble there, mark. foreign policy is the third debate.
1:57 am
>> it was a tongue-in-cheek remark. but the facial expressions were very similar. >> you might want to relax a bit, shirley. the doctor's been doing this program for years. he knows i give everybody jabs. [chuckles] >> but what about your state, linda? maine is thought to be a lock for president obama's hope and change mantra.
1:58 am
>> i'll try not to be a blueter. blooter. >> very much appreciate all the nice letters about "killing kennedy." finally, the factor tip of the day. as you may know, we give a lot of money to charity here. so does jon stewart. here's something you might not know. after the rumble tomorrow night in washington, stewart will be visiting some of the wounded troops. he doesn't say much about it. but i thought i would tell you. so here's the tip of the day, even if you don't want to watch the rumble, sign up for it. because we are going to give a lot of money to a lot of people who really need it, including the families of our wounded warriors.
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